If all of the major countries of the world agree that peace could be a reality as shown in this 3P Plan, and joined together in cooperation, then they would be so militarily strong, no one could fight against them, so there would be no war and this would guarantee permanent peace. For less than 10% of the money that we spend on world-wide defence budgets annually ($US 1.63 Trillion), we could feed, house, cloth, educate and give proper healthcare to these children who are dying in such huge numbers. Each country would save billions of dollars, and this goes back into their domestic budgets for such essential services as health, education etc., and the world would get over this GFC faster and restore economic stability. Regardless of what you think about climate change, we all agree that pollution is becoming a major ecological problem,and we have done more damage to our planet in the last 100 years than we have done in the last 4.5 billion years! This is not sustainable, and The 3P Plan addresses this issue and can help in implementing a solution