how to get involved

As this is a People Power Project (another 3P), your support is vital to bring this plan into a reality. Please use all social media tools, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to spread this Plan around the world, as our strength will be in sheer numbers!

Contact your elected political representative, and send them the 3P Plan, and let them know that 99% of us do NOT want war, and don’t want to see 13,800 children die daily from preventable diseases, or our world get further polluted, and we want their support.

Go to all the organisations in which you are involved, such as your workplace, clubs, schools, churches etc, and get their support. We would love to hear of your support, whether it is what you are doing to make The 3P Plan a reality, any further ideas on how to improve it, or financial or physical support.

This is our world, and we all have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters to make it a better place.
Thank you for your support, and let common sense prevail!

Dr Noel Patterson OAM