the 3p plan


“‘We did not inherit this world from our parents. We borrowed it from our children. One day we will return it to them. When we do, it should be every bit as bountiful as it was when we found it. That is what sustainability means …..’”

  Origin Green, Ireland
  1. reduction-in-pollution
    Reduction in pollution and management of climate change will only occur when all the countries are involved and committed (e.g. the failure of Copenhagen, Paris etc).
  2. There is more ecological damage being done to our planet over the last 100 years than the previous 4.5 billion years. This is unsustainable and changes must occur rapidly.
  3. World Peace Alliance bylaws, that must be abided by all member nations, would stipulate an agreed reduction in carbon emissions, which would increase over time to a recommended level, thus guaranteeing results.
  4. World wide effort to eliminate polluting items, using the best ‘think tank’ and experts to promote a greener world.
  5. Financial incentives to develop individual inventions, by forming joint ventures which guarantee production, and a percentage return to the inventor’s patented intellectual design.

“It’s time we start treating our planet as if we
are planning to stay.”

Source Unknown