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Timing is an important factor for this plan to become a reality, and the timing is absolutely perfect at the moment, with budgets in most countries under severe financial stress.

No country can afford to waste money on the negative spending on new weapons (where most countries already have sufficient weapons), which will only cause further death and destruction, or just plain rust out!


Nearly everyone knows of the tragedy of 9/11, when 2,996 people died. However very few know of today’s tragedy where approximately 20,000 children die each day from preventable diseases.

The reason this is not public knowledge is because these faceless children are “not in our backyard”. If these were our children, certainly our attitude would be very different, yet they are still our brothers and sisters!

For the cost of far less than what we spend on world defence each year ($US 1.686 trillion), we could feed, house, clothe and educate these beautiful children, whose only crime is being born in the wrong place.

Over the last decade, I have been leading healthcare teams to work in the slums of India, so these faceless children now have very real and beautiful faces. Unfortunately they have nobody to be their voice, and to tell their devastating story, so this is the reason why I have developed the 3P Plan, which is a plan to instigate world Peace, and reduce Poverty and Pollution.

The 3P Plan requires three factors to be successful:

1. People Power – 99% of the world would agree with the Plan
2. Social Media
3. World Media exposure.

‘War does not determine who is right – only who is left!’  – Bertrand Russell


The 3P Plan makes common sense, and 99.999% of the world DO NOT want war, as we all want to see our children grow up and be happy, healthy and safe! The last decade has seen a huge groundswell of people power which has caused the removal of Governments, so we are hoping that people will embrace this 3P Plan and put pressure on our elected representatives to make this plan a reality!

– Dr Noel Patterson