the 3p plan


“‘You will never have peace whilst poverty exists'”

Mother Theresa
  1. Approximately 13800 children die each day due to malnutrition and preventable diseases (see Appendix point 4), and 1 in 5 people in the world live in poverty (less that $US 1.25 per day).
  2. Immediate priorities are to improve sanitation and address overpopulation through education and family planning.
  3. Huge disparity in wealth where the wealthy exploit the poor.
  4. Prevent people smuggling, child exploitation, sex trafficking and slavery. The Plan firmly commits to support women empowerment in poverty and equality.
  5. World Peace Alliance humanitarian work would increase world food sources significantly. ‘Teach them how to fish, not just feed them fish’. There would be a significant work force (13.85 million) and budget ($US 280 billion) to achieve this.
  6. Reduce drug trade with military assisting policing.
  7. Reduce corruption and political instability in developing countries. Eliminate all secret bank accounts worldwide.
  8. Build with the under-developed countries a direct relationship with cities, organisations, e.g. churches, families or individuals, to foster immediate direct communication, physical and financial support, under U.N. patronage, enabling a more efficient flow of funds.
  9. Either stop drug companies from charging excessive profits to developing nations for life saving drugs and vaccines, or start a World Pharmaceutical Company under U.N. sanction, where the world’s top scientists are employed.
  10. Bring together the top medical researchers in the world to work collectively to fight major diseases such as cancer and stop the waste on duplicating research.
  11. Stop illegal animal slaughter and prevent sales e.g. the ivory trade.